De Las Casas Arquitectos

De Las Casas Architects is a family business founded in 2000 with an international background in the field of green architecture , construction, urban planning and bioclimatic design of open spaces .

De Las Casas   Arquitectos

De Las Casas Arquitectos is a company with more than 20 years of experience and international career  in the field of green architecture, construction, urban planning and bioclimatic design.

Architect Rodrigo De Las Casas , leads an experienced work team where passion, creativity and enthusiasm has led them to win 5 architecture awards in Panama.


Throughout these years, the architecture studio has addressed various types of design and construction projects such as residential complexes, shopping centers, housing development, educational centers and corporate buildings, among others.

Arq. Rodrigo De Las Casas.

Structural Architect graduated from the Santa María La Antigua University, Panama headquarters (2001) with a postgraduate degree in Bioclimatic Architecture from the Isthmus Panama / Colima Mexico University (2008).

Founder of the Bioclimatic Academy of Architecture and Technology and star member of the Panama Green Building Council.

President of De Las Casas Arquitectos. (Design, Construction, Development of Urban Projects, Bioclimatic Consulting), highlights among his experience the design of 4 winning projects in the Best Architecture Works Competition organized by the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, these being Restaurant Sabrosón N4 (2019) , Alpha-Victor Residence (2015), Lérida Tourist Project (2006) and the design and construction of the Nordic residence (2005)

At the 2008 Da Vinci Awards, he received a distinction under the category, Best Commercial Building, with the project "Oficina De Las Casas Arquitectos".

Certificate of Honor to Merit, for the contribution to the Urban and Environmental development of Panama (2009), Certificate of Honor to Merit, for the development of Bioclimatic projects in Panama (2010), both delivered by the Municipal Council of David.

He has been a bioclimatic consultant for different companies and a professor of Bioclimatic Architecture since 2013, at the School of Architecture and Design of Latin America and the Caribbean. "Isthmus"

His work has been published in international magazines such as Anexo, Construir, Vivir Urbano, D Arquitectura, Construnoticias, Hábitat and constructive manuals. He also collaborates periodically with articles on bioclimatic architecture in Panamanian newspapers and web pages of this specialty.

He has lectured at different international congresses, among which we can highlight the III Sustainable Construction Forum - Barranquilla Colombia 2011, the Second International Construction Meeting - Barranquilla Colombia 2011, VIII International Meeting on Sustainable Habitat: BIOCASA - Cali Colombia 2011, International Conversation on Bioclimatic Architecture (2010) and the Latin American Architecture Seminar Sal XIII (2009) among others. CONFERENCES CLICK HERE


As president and founder of De Las Casas Arquitectos, he has been a international lecturer at academic centers and different professional groups. His company also conducts scientific research in the field of bioclimatic architecture and has developed projects in different regions of Panama.


Currently De Las Casas Arquitectos specializes in green architecture, bioclimatic consultancies, construction, design, landscaping and Urban development projects of which we can highlight the elaboration of the Environmental and Territorial Master Plan, Las Huacas de Boquete (1000 hectares); elaboration of the Environmental Master Plan and design guides, Residential Laguna Dorada (175 hectares); elaboration of the Environmental Master Plan and design guides, Residencial Bella Vista (65 hectares); elaboration of the Master Plan, Caldera River boulevard (1.7 Km); Urban consulting, Marina design and design guides for the Vida Nueva project (100 hectares); preparation of the Master Plan for the Enrique Malek Airport Ecological Park (25 hectares); elaboration of the Environmental Master Plan, Paraíso del Drago (48 Hectares); preparation of the Environmental Master Plan, Bosques del Lago Residential (26 hectares), and bioclimatic consulting for the Eco-Gardens project (7.5 hectares), among others.

Rodrigo De Las Casas

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